Digital Artwork Collection, minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. Join our Discord Community to find out about Games, Incentives and More from the M4Rabbit NFT Project.

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Discover Extra ordinary Digital Art and Collect Limited M4 NFTs.

6,000 3D War Rabbits, Four Factions, One Mission.


The 3D collection of the M4 project is comprised of four factions who possess armor and weapon traits that pertain to the characters skill in the M4 Lore. SENTINELS: Aerial Battles, ATLANTEANS: Deep Sea, LEGIONNAIRES: Surface Infantry and NOVAS: Space Navigation. The imagination and skill of Enmanuel Viggiani brings to life a level of detail that collectors can marvel at for posterity as it maintains value well in to the future.

M4Rabbit NFT & ERC20 Token

Bridging NFT Value and utility across multiple networks utilizing ERC20.

The $M4Spore ERC20 token aims to integrate within the platform, creating it’s own economy in various ways such as the fees system, discounts, rewards and other M4 Project pay outs.  The fees system is linked directly to extra incentives and gifts available via games with rewards up to $2000.00 in equivalent value that are free to enter and win for NFT holders and early token adopters.  Our ultimate aim is to bridge across polygon, avalanche and ethereum with the ability for NFT HOLDERS to bridge funds between these networks as part of a value added service.






Name: ERC20 $Spore
Identifier: M4SPR
Total Supply: 10,000,000
Burn Wallet:  Unsold in Vested Sales rounds burned. 
Dev tokens may be burned at discretion.

Staking/Liquidity (30%)

Tokens that will be sent to staking and exchange platform for liquidity.  Will be sent and locked in liquidity via router contract  for no less than 3 years! 

Gaming/Rewards (20%)

Tokens are placed in a locker for the use in gaming rewards and platform giveaways – locker contract needs majority M4 NFT holder vote to move tokens….  The exact mechanics for this will be voted on and designed to work in the best interests of the majority of M4 Rabbit NFT Holders.

Private Vesting (15%)

These are investment opportunities for associates and friends of the project that are offered in private to whitelisted persons & NFT holders at discount – UNSOLD BURNED – All tokens from this round that are not sold will be officially burned in an online ceremony

Public Vesting (15%)

Offered in public to everyone – UNSOLD TOKENS WILL BE BURNED

Marketing (10%)

A specific wallet that will be used to run marketing and ad influencer campaigns to draw attention to project and gaming as they launch. 5% every 10 days

Dev (10%)

Available straight away this is basically what is used by the team for development costs and to pay for other devs or new team members and cover other ad-hoc costs.



Our roadmap (This Document) is just that, it is a living document outlining the plans that we will adapt to this fast growing pace in order to try and strive to always provide a secure future for our collectors and holders of M4 NFTs.

Our roadmap is here to give you an idea of our visions for the M4 project and I assure you that every idea our Team brings forward has not only been scrutinised thoroughly but has already begun the process of implementation either in a test environment or live in some way.  So, we are ready.  Are You? 

What will never change for the M4 project? 

Our goal, to provide highly collectible artwork with a utility that gives a return for many years to come.

M4Rabbit NFT

Doxxed Team building / art creation, lore and development

NVC Media creates the highest quality 3D artwork within the space and an imagination that brings a warrior rabbit to life. M4 is more than an art piece, we have a 3 person team of science fiction script writers that will give M4 and his legion soul, meaning and intrigue. This saga will be book worthy! 

Parallel Shift developers design contracts for everything M4. Over 20 years of development, coding and game development experience will ensure your transactions on the blockchain are not only efficient but secure. Now, our solid foundation is built and ready to grow.

Secure a partnership with Wenmint launchpad. 

M4s partnership with Wenmint will give our community confidence that not only are we doing everything possible to execute a smooth launch but give a piece of mind that we are launching through a Partner that has launched many successful projects in the past.

Fully funded project for the remainder of 2022 means we move forward no matter what! Genesis Mint of M4 and his faction rabbits. Staking begins, token presales and gaming. 

In Short: An Amazing art 3D NFT collection from our Partners at NVC Media Inc.  Accompanied by an ongoing science-fiction story, written by a team of professional script and story writers.  With a Sell out bringing more than $350,000 dollars of incentives to the M4Rabbit NFT Holders, We are looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship together.


Our first free mint for HODLERS who also hold more than $100 of $Spore at the time of mint, An interactive M4Lab NFT.  Every LAB is unique in various ways and M4Rabbit Holders can visualise their M4Rabbit NFT within the LAB NFT with various adornments and accessories available from the marketplace.  FREE MINT FOR M4Rabbit HODLERS Who also hold $100 of $Spore!  More on $Spore Tokenomics and UTILITY in Whitepaper.



We hope you are enjoying the M4 saga so far!
Our story writers will reveal the significance of “Ishii”, a doe in the M4Rabbit Metaverse. 

Ishii is M4s counterpart in the story. The second Amazing high grade 3D art collection from our continuing collaboration with our strategic partners at NVC Media Inc. 

Not only is she fierce, but to our investors, she will provide even more potential incentives and rewards from the project for hodlers.

M4Spore NFT

The M4Spore NFT arrives along with the mechanics to start preparing your M4Lab NFT in order that it may be possible to Mutate your M4Doe NFT.   Spore will be burned at the moment of mutation where your M4Lab and M4Doe will become a new NFT.

M4Mutantz NFT

What will a genesis M4Rabbit, an M4Lab and the Ishii collection M4Doe create 

when their DNA is spliced and mutated? 

The Third collection from our partners at NVC Media Inc.  

The M4Mutantz: Art that is simply and literally Out Of This World!  

We can almost guarantee these Mutated M4s will be priced high in the secondary markets, that is of course if anybody ever even sells them!  

Custom mutations will come from those who have collected certain artefacts (TBD) along the way and have them available in their M4Lab at that time.  

The M4Mutantz will be limited to 5000 total supply and upon closing the sale of the last NFT we will release over $1,000,000 Million dollars worth of incentives for the new mutant holders to win in games and giveaway competitions.

What utility will this bring to our holders? Let’s let the community decide! 

Our team has made one decision though, and it’s real life events. 

Let’s finally meet our M4 team and all of the community at an awesome place and time. 

We will host the most epic celebration in the USA. 

This is where we finally get to shake hands, eat great food and celebrate a journey that is only beginning.

And for those unable to attend we will have a vr arena open to all!



Our doxxed team of experienced leaders take into account the growth of the space and the desires of the community, with that, we find a perfect balance of a path forward.

Enmanuell Vigianni

NVC Media / 3D Artist

The M4 project utilizes world class artist, Enmanuel Viggiani, Director of NVC media inc. VFX/CGI supervisor for the film and video game industry. Epic games UE, Cinema4d Blender. The artistry, detail and imagination within the creation of the M4 collection is second to none. This high quality digital 3D art combined with story line and faction structure makes the project highly collectible and and a marvel to look at for years to come.


Co-Writers/Script Writers

Translator, 2D Artist and general Admin support.

Jason S

Founder / Coordinator / Author

Family man of 15 wonderful years. Jason has been a small business owner of 20 years and is in good standing within his community. Jason’s most notable achievements are a career in photography and design in tandem with his wife. Also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt and dojo owner for over 29 years coaching children and adults. His recent participation in crypto over the last three years has led him to organize a successful project that benefits the community just as his past careers have done. He and his team will combine talent to provide benefits for everyone involved.

Josmariel Bastidas Oropeza

2D Artist / Spanish Translator / Moderator

A keen designer with a history of 2D art on paper now working with digitizing and generative art. Node.js/React.js/HTML/CSS being amongst her skills she also helps the Dev Team in the areas where she can.

Stuart Hoskins

Co Founder / Lead Developer / Father / Gamer / Musician

Full Stack developer Node.js Web3 Smart contracts ERC20/ERC721A Python Docker Linux C++ Java C#- Web Server architect- Remote server management. AWS, VPS, CLOUD Proprietor. Over 20 years experience.



Ethereum Verified ERC20 $M4Spore Token Contract 0x34FeE42698a94C7c6aa5FF674dCC26655Ee9990c

6,000 Randomly generated completely unique 3D NFTs

10,000,000 ERC20 ETH NETWORK $M4Spore

$MSPORE Will be used within the M4Rabbit ecosystem. Ability to stake, earn, purchase future collections and lotto gaming. Presale 14th June 2022 – Public sale 14th August 2022 – Liquidity Launch & Lock 14th August 2022 for more details please See whitepaper or visit the detailed ERC20 Token Page.

For HODLERS of our M4Rabbit NFT the first of our next collections will be a free mint of our LAB NFT Where you will learn about the necesary procedures for DNA splicing in order to mutate your NFT.  Generic art of the main character M4 will be presented in the LAB NFT which will be presented on sale to non HODLERS and for those who do not have or wish to purchase the M4Rabbit NFT.

Staking will be available for M4Rabbit NFTs and rewards

Staking will be available for MILRAB NFTs on AVALANCHE NETWORK.
Paid in AVAX NETWORK $M4Spore. Q4 2022

Standard staking mechanisms for ERC20 Tokens both ETHEREUM NETWORK and AVALANCHE NETWORK will be in place for the general public via Decentralized Exchanges (DEX).

We will announce this soon. Tentatively mid summer 2022.

Pre-sale and public sale prices will be announced closer to mint date as we observe the Ethereum price fluctuations and settle on an affordable collection.